The Descendants of William Means
of Christian Co, KY
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Genealogical Sketches of the Reynolds, Fewells, Walls and Kindred Families - cont

...all I have is a very poor xerox copy. It isn't even worth trying to scan it and make it available for you to try and read for yourself. It would only get worse. Plus, while it contains a wealth of genealogical information, the author did a terrible job of organizing and presenting the information he collected. He would go from one generation to the next to the next and back to the beginning without indicating clearly whose family he was talking about. So all the information is here on this site, all the people are listed with whatever information he provided, but there might be mistakes on my part as to which family people belonged to. Still this information can serve as a start for, or confirmation of, your research on these lines.

Here is his INTRODUCTORY in full.

The following collection of genealogical data has been made for gratuitous distribution among the kindred who represent the different families and for the preservation and perpetuation of an ancestry that is worthy of our respect, love and admiration.

Many mistakes and imperfections will be found in its pages. It is far short of the expectations and wishes of the undersigned, inasmuch as it had been impossible to trace our family lines back to the date of their landing upon American shores. My inability to find the Fewell ancestor who married Eliza Colvin has been especially disappointing. This ancestor was a resident of Culpepper County, Va., about 1780, but the most careful and painstaking research has failed to disclose the name.

This great disappointment and others it is hoped will not destroy the value of the work, and in the future some descendant of our ancestors may be incited to take up the work and bring it to a more successful conclusion. This data is being closed in its imperfect state on account of the age and ill health of its author and the fear that none others were interested, and a crude collection would be preferable to none.

Every member of our family lines should be very grateful to Mrs. Malinda A. Robinson and Mrs. Lena Rook Reynolds for the untiring zeal that each has manifested in the collection of family history to be recorded and published for our information. The former, of Nevada, Missouri, interesting herself in the Fewells, Walls, Lindsays and the lines they represent. The Latter of Franklin, Tenn, in the Reynolds and lines they represent. No one can fully appreciate their efforts, except those engaged in similar work.

Family tradition places our earliest Reynolds in Pennsylvania; the Walls upon the Eastern shore of Maryland; the Lindsays and probably the Vernons also in Maryland. The earliest record of the Fewells is that of Henry Fewell, making a deed in 1720 to John Skinner, in Richmond, County, Va., and in 1721 we find Henry Fewell making a deed to property in King George County, Va., and a Benjamin Fewell recorded in the same county. There were also two James Fewells in Spottsylvania County, Va., one record about 1750, the other being James, the son of John Fewell, in 1786. The Boughans, as it is spelled on the Confederate Monument, were from Essex County, Va.

Before coming to this country, the Reynolds were from England; the Walls from the same; the Lindsays probably from Scotland; the Boughans not known, and the Fewells from Wales.

With these few lines of explanation as a foreword this work is submitted without further excuse or apology.


Wentworth, N. C., 1923.

B.F. Means family

Ben Franklin MEANS and Mary Ann COLEMAN with children

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