Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOALES, Samuel Augustus  10 Oct 1880Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I20818
2 BOALES, Sidney Ann  8 Mar 1887Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I20821
3 BOALES, William Gunn  15 Aug 1889Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I20823
4 BOZARTH, Andrew  4 Mar 1799Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I8327
5 BRADEN, Ada Gaines  19 Feb 1879Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I21994
6 CLARK, Judge Alvan Hawes  4 Nov 1887Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I21702
7 CLARK, Emily  Abt 1889Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I21703
8 FREELS, Sidney E.  1933Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2154
9 GRAY, Rev. William Alexander Sr.  16 Oct 1815Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I4222
10 MEANS, Elijah S.  7 Jun 1820Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I236
11 MEANS, Emma  18 Aug 1853Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I140
12 MEANS, Francis Marion  26 Feb 1833Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I250
13 MEANS, George W.  Abt 1878Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I16617
14 MEANS, Henry Harrison  4 May 1812Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I128
15 MEANS, James Darrow  7 Sep 1931Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I16925
16 MEANS, Lucy  28 Jul 1857Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2027
17 MEANS, Mary Frances  4 Dec 1842Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I138
18 MEANS, Robert  28 Feb 1815Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2421
19 MEANS, Rosa Cosma  21 Jun 1919Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I16937
20 MEANS, Samuel Allison  13 Mar 1806Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I132
21 MEANS, Sarah A.  Abt 1839Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2033
22 PROCTER, Ruth L.  21 Sep 1897Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I470
23 SMITHSON, Ben Garrott  2 Sep 1925Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2110
24 SMITHSON, Harry Watts  18 Aug 1900Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2107
25 VAN ARSDALL, Cora Sue   I21612
26 VAN ARSDALL, Mary Elizabeth   I21614
27 VAN ARSDALL, Rhea Thomas II  17 Aug 1939Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I21595
28 WALLACE, James Arthur  20 Sep 1877Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I21995
29 WEST, Henry William  21 Oct 1831Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2042
30 WOOLFOLK, Angeline  25 Apr 1833Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I9833
31 YOST, George Roberts  16 Dec 1877Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I16931
32 YOST, Mary Elizabeth  22 Sep 1915Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I16933


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRADEN, Ada Gaines  26 Sep 1957Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I21994
2 BRADEN, James Perry  1 Apr 1923Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I139
3 CALLOWAY, Sarah  1910Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I144
4 CAYCE, Alice Elizabeth  24 Apr 1998Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I842
5 CAYCE, Clinton Harry  27 May 1942Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I847
6 CLARK, Col. Albert Hawes  10 May 1899Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2047
7 CRAVENS, James  25 Nov 1797Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I1417
8 DAVIDSON, Lacy Franklin  27 Nov 1943Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I20237
9 FREELS, Sidney E.  2008Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2154
10 GARY, Caroline Smithson  16 Jul 2012Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I845
11 HIGHTOWER, Wilma Charlotte  6 Nov 2002Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I16928
12 HODGE, Larry Gene  10 Dec 1978Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I17355
13 LUTTRELL, Myra Eva  19 Nov 1976Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I851
14 MABRY, Woodrow Wilson  20 Nov 1985Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I1096
15 MEANS, Eunice Bertha  30 May 1978Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I16943
16 MEANS, Hugh West  22 Aug 2008Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I16926
17 MEANS, Lizzie Ashley  19 Nov 1936Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2025
18 MEANS, Mary Frances  3 Apr 1937Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I138
19 MEANS, Myra Wallace  11 Feb 1990Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2059
20 MEANS, Samuel Allison  16 Sep 1877Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I132
21 MEANS, Samuel E.  Sep 1888Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I232
22 MEANS, Sarah A.  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2033
23 MEANS, Young J.  1897Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I231
24 RICKETTS, Hezekiah  29 Oct 1873Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I7305
25 SAPINSLEY, Robert B.  17 Jun 1975Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I16951
26 SMITHSON, Ben Garrott  24 May 2011Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2110
27 SMITHSON, Julia Ann  11 Jun 1986Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I429
28 SMITHSON, Mary Belle  30 Nov 1975Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I433
29 SMITHSON, William Raymond  5 Nov 1924Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2108
30 TORIAN, Harriet Elizabeth  16 Jan 1947Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I342
31 WARD, Clyde Elwood  11 Sep 1975Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I458
32 WARD, Harry  10 Oct 1991Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I457
33 WARD, Sarah Naurine  27 Dec 1993Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I852
34 WARD, Wilbur W.  12 Nov 1968Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I455
35 WEST, Henry William  19 Mar 1906Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2042


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BOALES, Augustus D.  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I20829
2 CAYCE, Alice Elizabeth  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I842
3 FREELS, Sidney E.  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2154
4 GARY, Caroline Smithson  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I845
5 GARY, Huston Emmett  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I844
6 MABRY, Woodrow Wilson  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I1096
7 MEANS, Myra Wallace  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2059
8 RICKETTS, Elijah Hezekiah  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I7309
9 RICKETTS, James Edward  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I7308
10 RICKETTS, John T.  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I332
11 ROBERTS, Sidney Ann  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I20830
12 SMITHSON, Ben Garrott  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2110
13 SMITHSON, Carrie Campbell  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I434
14 SMITHSON, Harry Wallace  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2111
15 SMITHSON, Julia Ann  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I429
16 SMITHSON, Mary Belle  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I433
17 SMITHSON, Thomas Edward  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I428
18 SMITHSON, William Carver  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I431


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 MEANS, George W.  1880Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I16617
2 MEANS, Jennie  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2028
3 MEANS, Lizzie Ashley  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2025
4 MEANS, Lucy  Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY I2027


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / LYNN  5 Aug 1830Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY F4036
2 CROUCH / MEANS  1 May 1922Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY F5830
3 MEANS / RICKETTS  Abt 1877Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY F124
4 MILES / WARD  1 Mar 1946Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY F373
5 VAN ARSDALL / YOST  21 May 1938Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY F7602
6 YOST / MEANS  26 Jun 1913Hopkinsville, Christian Co, KY F5828
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