Monett, Barry Co, MO



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARMSTRONG, Neva Maple  10 Aug 1902Monett, Barry Co, MO I2551
2 AVONDET, Helen Grace  8 Sep 1917Monett, Barry Co, MO I14256
3 BANKS, Anna Dora  19 Jun 1874Monett, Barry Co, MO I2511
4 CALDWELL, Eldon J.  13 Dec 1921Monett, Barry Co, MO I21403
5 CARLIN, Ermel James  25 Oct 1908Monett, Barry Co, MO I14278
6 HADDOCK, Alonzo Redmond  1 May 1910Monett, Barry Co, MO I22373
7 HADDOCK, Betty Lou  24 Dec 1924Monett, Barry Co, MO I22379
8 HADDOCK, Charles Junior  1 Oct 1918Monett, Barry Co, MO I22376
9 HADDOCK, Gladys Lucille  7 Jul 1920Monett, Barry Co, MO I22377
10 HADDOCK, Howard Saunders  30 Mar 1915Monett, Barry Co, MO I22375
11 HADDOCK, Lorene Ruth  10 Jan 1908Monett, Barry Co, MO I11880
12 HADDOCK, Mary Jean  15 Aug 1928Monett, Barry Co, MO I22380
13 HADDOCK, Vaden Lenoir  17 Apr 1911Monett, Barry Co, MO I22374
14 HADDOCK, Virginia Juanita  24 Feb 1923Monett, Barry Co, MO I22378
15 HIGGINS, Minnie B.  13 Apr 1886Monett, Barry Co, MO I11867
16 KEETON, Clarence Ray  6 Apr 1925Monett, Barry Co, MO I23321
17 MEADOR, Willis Elbert  24 Aug 1872Monett, Barry Co, MO I15592
18 MEANS, Addie A.  19 May 1880Monett, Barry Co, MO I2474
19 MEANS, Edward Calvin  26 Jan 1878Monett, Barry Co, MO I2473
20 MEANS, Golden  15 Jun 1890Monett, Barry Co, MO I2476
21 MEANS, Irvin Eldon  6 Dec 1882Monett, Barry Co, MO I2475
22 MEANS, Jennie Lee  18 Feb 1929Monett, Barry Co, MO I2547
23 MEANS, John Aubrey  22 Aug 1921Monett, Barry Co, MO I2552
24 MEANS, Lucille  3 Sep 1906Monett, Barry Co, MO I2519
25 MEANS, Nancy Ann  30 Mar 1925Monett, Barry Co, MO I2546
26 SCHELIN, Eric Victor   I2588
27 SCHELIN, John Andrew  10 Mar 1952Monett, Barry Co, MO I2587
28 WORMINGTON, Bert  26 Jan 1880Monett, Barry Co, MO I2491
29 WORMINGTON, Ermol Floyd  3 Jun 1913Monett, Barry Co, MO I14316
30 WORMINGTON, Ernest Eugene  10 Nov 1893Monett, Barry Co, MO I2488
31 WORMINGTON, Florence  22 Jan 1881Monett, Barry Co, MO I2492
32 WORMINGTON, Georgia Ann  10 Oct 1861Monett, Barry Co, MO I14287
33 WORMINGTON, Hattie Belle  2 Apr 1887Monett, Barry Co, MO I2486
34 WORMINGTON, John Loren  23 Oct 1884Monett, Barry Co, MO I2485
35 WORMINGTON, Lulu Ellen  11 Sep 1890Monett, Barry Co, MO I2487
36 WORMINGTON, Nora E.  26 Oct 1876Monett, Barry Co, MO I2482
37 WORMINGTON, Thomas Oscar  3 Mar 1882Monett, Barry Co, MO I2484
38 WORMINGTON, Vera Gertrude  18 Feb 1889Monett, Barry Co, MO I2496
39 WORMINGTON, Walter  3 Jul 1880Monett, Barry Co, MO I2483


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BANKS, Anna Dora  13 May 1938Monett, Barry Co, MO I2511
2 ERICKSON, Orris Albion  11 Jan 1978Monett, Barry Co, MO I14282
3 HADDOCK, Alonzo Redmond  25 May 1910Monett, Barry Co, MO I22373
4 HADDOCK, Charles Junior  7 Mar 1981Monett, Barry Co, MO I22376
5 HADDOCK, Gladys Lucille  24 Jan 2005Monett, Barry Co, MO I22377
6 HIGGINS, Minnie B.  22 Feb 1952Monett, Barry Co, MO I11867
7 JEFFRIES, Caledonia  7 Feb 1948Monett, Barry Co, MO I14288
8 LINEBARGER, Hazel Ruth  22 Apr 2007Monett, Barry Co, MO I14317
9 MEADOR, Willis Elbert  11 Oct 1948Monett, Barry Co, MO I15592
10 MEANS, Addie A.  21 Feb 1898Monett, Barry Co, MO I2474
11 MEANS, Clarence O.  25 Dec 1957Monett, Barry Co, MO I2499
12 MEANS, Elizabeth Ann  28 Jun 1923Monett, Barry Co, MO I2437
13 MEANS, Flora  2 Jul 1975Monett, Barry Co, MO I2478
14 MEANS, Martha Caledonia  Jan 1969Monett, Barry Co, MO I2442
15 MEANS, Merle Logan  24 Oct 1967Monett, Barry Co, MO I2514
16 MEANS, Sarah Frances  24 Mar 1932Monett, Barry Co, MO I2434
17 PIERCE, Phoenix  2 Nov 2014Monett, Barry Co, MO I15607
18 STEPHENSON, Mary Della  16 Jul 1954Monett, Barry Co, MO I14245
19 TERRY, Cara May  10 Aug 1969Monett, Barry Co, MO I14247
20 WORMINGTON, Audrey Mae  29 Mar 2015Monett, Barry Co, MO I14275
21 WORMINGTON, Bert  15 Feb 1957Monett, Barry Co, MO I2491
22 WORMINGTON, Irene  26 Oct 1996Monett, Barry Co, MO I14273
23 WORMINGTON, Lulu Ellen  6 Jan 1956Monett, Barry Co, MO I2487
24 WORMINGTON, Neva Josephine  4 Jan 2013Monett, Barry Co, MO I14276
25 WORMINGTON, Nora E.  8 Jan 1951Monett, Barry Co, MO I2482
26 WORMINGTON, Redmon  1 Apr 1920Monett, Barry Co, MO I2481
27 WORMINGTON, Sarah A.  6 Jan 1892Monett, Barry Co, MO I2472


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ABERNATHY, Harrison Orville  Monett, Barry Co, MO I14297
2 ERICKSON, Orris Albion  Monett, Barry Co, MO I14282
3 MAXWELL, Claude Everett  Monett, Barry Co, MO I21147
4 WORMINGTON, Martha Ellen  Monett, Barry Co, MO I11869


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